Born in Glendale, California, Greg lived the first 13 years of his life in North Hollywood. He believed he would act for a living at a very young age. His grandfather gave him an 8mm camera when he was 9 years old and he began making home movies with his younger brothers.

Robbins has a passion for telling stories that build up society. Robbins is also a competing 2nd Degree Black Belt or I-Dan in Tae Kwon-Do; he along with his wife and kids train under the instruction of Master Chuck Gorino who is a 8th Degree Black Belt or Kwan Jang-Nim. The Tae Kwon-Do creed is a beautiful and uplifting way to live life that Robbins is gravitated to.


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In 2017, he along with his daughter Shauna and son Gregory formed Robbins Stunt Team; they provide stunt performers in western New York. Today he lives a wonderful life with his wife and 2 children, actors Shauna Robbins and Gregory P. Robbins. Greg is still trying to provide good stories that enhance lives as well as entertains.

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